You are Unique!

You are Unique!

From your DNA to you fingerprint,

From your hair type to the shade of your eye color,

From the richness of your skin texture to the depth of your skin tone,

You are Unique!

From the sound of you voice, to the sound of your joy and sadness, you are Unique!

From the way you carry yourself to the way you carry a baby, you are Unique!

From the way you tie your laces to the way you tie your tie , you are Unique!

From the way you say “Hello” to the way you say ” I love you”, you are Unique!

From the way you wrap your arms around a loved one to the way you wrap a soft scarf around your neck, you are Unique!

From the way you walk to the way you dance, you are Unique!

From the way you laugh to the way you cry, you are Unique!

You are Unique in so many ways!

Isn’t it amazing that you have been created in the likeness of God, however you are very Unique in your likeness?

My humble take on this: however Unique we are, we are moved and compelled by the same feelings of Love, Joy, sorrow, sadness, compassion and we are ALL after the most wanted thing on Earth: “Hapiness”!

Embrace, cultivate, cherish, nurture your Uniqueness but remember that deep inside, we are all the same!

Remember you are Unique, just like everyone else”

Be a living inspiration and live in the present,

Genevieve Muwana

Style Coach @ Unique Image London


Inspiring the Youths with our first workshop!

It was about 8 months ago in 2011, When Paris from Kaleidoscope ( a recruitment agency) put me to the challenge and asked me if I could put together a workshop for some of her candidates aged between  18-24 years old.

It was something totally out of my comfort zone as I was only used to 1 to 1 consultations, but I was definitely up to the challenge. And as The bible states I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). And I can testify today that the vision came to pass.

I joined partnership with my business partner Genevieve at the beginning of 2012 she had just completed her diploma with a distinction in Style Coaching.

Well that day finally arrived on the 15th August 2012 we did our first workshop, this was not going to be any ordinary workshop. We incorporated the word of God through scriptures, lives were going to be transformed and seeds sown for the establishment of God’s Kingdom.

All 15 students arrived prompt on time for the workshop, we were so excited!!!

The workshop title was Dress your way for Success. Just as we were about to start there was some technical issues with the presentation on the overhead projector, all I could think of was Lord help us this is not happening!!!

Genevieve had to go back home to sort out another computer to work on the over head projector so I was left with all the students to start the workshop. I didn’t panic I just said Holy Spirit you take total control and started the workshop.

First I introduced our business and told the candidates our mission statement “styling people from the inside out”. I told them my testimony on the all the challenges I faced in the fashion industry but despite all the challenges I faced it didn’t stop my passion and my dream. That kind of broke the ice when they heard what I had been through, they started to feel comfortable.

I got each candidate to put their name badge and introduce them self, talk about what work or industry they wanted to work in and the challenges they were facing.

With all 15 candidates I was able to encourage them and the Holy Spirit helped me to be able make the negative challenges they were facing into positive ones and gave them alternatives on how to deal with the situation. I was so into the workshop that I didn’t even see all the 15 missed calls from Genevieve.  It’s funny how the programme had changed but all things worked together in our favour. (The candidates did not even notice any disruption to the programme.)

Then Genevieve arrived back by 10.30am and we got the overhead projector working with the presentation.

We covered the following point in the presentation:

  • Interview Dress Code
  • Body Language
  • The Importance of Language
  • Purpose and Vision

We did various roll plays and gave handouts on how to prepare a CV and coving letter, a SWOT analysis,  so the   candidates could fill this out and we could advise them on the different areas they were struggling with.

Once we had finished presenting the workshop we chose some candidates to do a role play for an interview from all the things they had been taught. We chose the best 2 candidates who were confident in the interview and they won Zara vouchers. The ones that were not successful in the interview we gave positive feedback in the areas they did well also constructive criticism on how they could improve going forward.

All in the entire workshop went really well, for saying it was our first ever workshop the candidates thought we had been doing it for years…lol.

The general feedback from the candidates was so overwhelming  they said we were an inspiration (through my past, I never thought I could be an inspiration to anyone but God has made it possible through my future) and they suggested the we do the workshop for 6th formers at schools and colleges as people would be able to relate to us just because of our testimonies. They said they normally get people who do presentations in their school who have not been through anything so students could not relate to them.

A few of the candidates have now requested personal one to one sessions with us and one candidate said he was going to get 5 of his friends to come to the next workshop.

I got to say when the candidates said that it brought tears to our eyes! Our first ever workshop went well. To God be the glory! The student were inspired!

We have got another workshop lined up for the 12th of October and we pray that the audience will be as receptive as our first lot of candidates.

Through God’s grace more workshops will follow! Woop woop!

Be a living inspiration and live in the present,

Sandra Fearon

Oh, by the way, we provide: Personal Styling, Personal shopping, Wardrobe Consultations, Colour Analysis, Personal Coaching (we will brake self sabotage cycles and limited beliefs so you can breakthrough), Corporate Workshops and so much more…

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