Elle magazine!

I just poped in Tesco to buy dinner and the November issue of Elle magazine caught my eyes!!!

What? They are doing a free supplement magazine which is about what to buy to wear to work, all 60 pages of Elle’s smartest picks.

I was really intrigued so I started flicking through the pages and noticed that some of my ex-colleagues from Elle were modelling different looks on how to wear a suit!!

It’s funny because this is one of the areas we cover in our ” Dress your way to success” workshop.
Our next workshop by the way on empowering the youth on how to dress for success for the job they want is Friday 12th October. We are praying the audience will be as receptive as the last workshop.

Watch this space, Elle magazine will be writing an article on Unique Image London.

What does Job 22:28 in the bible states: “decree a thing and it shall be established”. Whoop whoop this is the year of establishment!!!!!!

Be a living inspiration and live in the present.

Sandra Fearon for Unique Image London

Contact: sandra@uniqueimagelondon.com; genevieve@uniqueimagelondon.com


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