Are you working from home?

People who work from home can sometimes grab the first thing they see in the morning yes I know what you are thinking “let me lounge about in my pj’s or trakie bottoms no one will see me anyway ” well that’s a no no!!!!

Having an extensive wardrobe of all the latest fashions isn’t really necessary, particularly if you are working from home. Establishing your unique image and a strong sense of individual personality and style is the key. You may only need a few quality signature pieces that reflect your individual style that you can mix and match. You don’t have to look different every day, You just need to look good and professional.

So if you are working from home…”Get up and get dressed ditch the pj’s and trackie bottoms”. Put on something smart and comfortable.

I’ve often read that it helps to have a separate work place in your home, a dedicated office phone line – well it’s the same with your personal brand and professional image. Making calls, sending emails and acting in a professional way to run your business, means dressing in a professional way too.

Now I don’t mean you need a shirt and tie or a corporate outfit but choose clothes that make you feel like you’re working. You must look smart not only in the eyes of the people you’re around but your own eyes as well. It’s about creating positive energy.

Some kick start their day with a run or walk. Why not choose to start work on the high of looking good?
Sandra Fearon



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