What are your core values?

I felt it would be a good thing to write about values because most of us do not know what values we live by and if we do, we do not know how to define them.

So what are values?


Values are the rules around which we construct our lives. Nobody can make you have particular values they are particular to you and only you as they are the rules by which you choose to live and around which you pursuit your version of success.


Once you know your values, you can build your life’s purpose and goals around them to ensure that when you reach your chosen destination and achieve your goals, you have done it in a way that gives you satisfaction.


We recently attended a morning breakfast organised by All Souls church in London, They called to the front two successful Christians who work in the city and asked them how they lived their faith on a daily basis in the work place. Among the two people was an asset management director who admitted that on numerous occasions, he had to turn down and loose clients (contracts and thus thousands of pounds) only because what the client was asking him to do was against his values.


Another great example of someone who met their goals without having to compromise their values was Muhammad Ali. He refused to participate in the war with Vietnam in 1967 during his first reign as world heavyweight champion. Despite threats from the Government to take his title and throw him to prison, Ali did not give in. Going to war would have been against his values so he preferred loosing his title and was not allowed to fight for 3 years!!!


So here is how you can uncover your values and have a clear idea of what is important to you:


Draw a list of all the people you admire. Then for each of them list all the reasons why you admire them (it could be the love she shows for her children, his hardworking spirit, his generosity, the fun about her, the passion inside of him, excitement, honesty, integrity…) the list goes on and on.

The reason for this is that we cannot see in others what is not already in ourselves.


Others are merely mirrors of ourselves. It could be scary when we criticise and condemn others, well the ugly you see in the other one is also in you or you would not be able to recognise it. Think twice, when you point one finger to someone else, you point 3 back to yourself!!!!


Back to your values, all the attributes you listed for each person you admire are your core values!

This is a great exercise I encourage you to undergo without further a due.


Be inspiration in action and live in the present

Genevieve Muwana

Unique Image London


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