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Are you working from home?

People who work from home can sometimes grab the first thing they see in the morning yes I know what you are thinking “let me lounge about in my pj’s or trakie bottoms no one will see me anyway ” well that’s a no no!!!!

Having an extensive wardrobe of all the latest fashions isn’t really necessary, particularly if you are working from home. Establishing your unique image and a strong sense of individual personality and style is the key. You may only need a few quality signature pieces that reflect your individual style that you can mix and match. You don’t have to look different every day, You just need to look good and professional.

So if you are working from home…”Get up and get dressed ditch the pj’s and trackie bottoms”. Put on something smart and comfortable.

I’ve often read that it helps to have a separate work place in your home, a dedicated office phone line – well it’s the same with your personal brand and professional image. Making calls, sending emails and acting in a professional way to run your business, means dressing in a professional way too.

Now I don’t mean you need a shirt and tie or a corporate outfit but choose clothes that make you feel like you’re working. You must look smart not only in the eyes of the people you’re around but your own eyes as well. It’s about creating positive energy.

Some kick start their day with a run or walk. Why not choose to start work on the high of looking good?
Sandra Fearon



Dress Your Way to Success round 2!

This is it!! The day has come when we are going to run our second Dress Your Way to Success workshop!! Another amazing opportunity to inspire and motivate the younger generation.

The show will start at 11 O’clock. 10 AM Sandra and I are at the venue and we start preparing the room. If you have read our last blog from the first workshop, you will remember that we had an adventure going on that caused our (at least my) stress level to skyrocket! With that in mind, Sandra prompted me to try the computer and projector to make sure that everything was working.

10.45, the first three people enter the room (yeah they came, they are here!!!!). At this point, I realise that they came by choice, and feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to teach them. Our main concern is to give them tools that they can use straight away and motivate them to be the best they can be not only when going on interviews but on a daily basis as well.

As the presentation goes on, a few more people arrived. Sandra is bombarded with questions as she is trying to make her points which made the workshop really interactive and showed that they were interested.

We covered the following subjects:

ü  How to dress for interviews

ü  Body Language

ü  The importance of Language

ü  Purpose and Vision

It is always fulfilling to see their faces as they learn new things sometimes as if a light bulb switched on! One of our candidates took three pages of notes!!! At the beginning, the projector was a bit blurred and they could not see the presentation as clearly as it should have been but this did not stop her; because she was sitting next to me, she could see the PowerPoint from my computer screen and that is what she did! She was truly eager to learn.

Luckily for her (and us), Beth brought Roger in to fix the projector. Roger, you are our Hero! Beth and Roger are both part of Kaleidoscope, the recruitment agency who hired us and their help as been invaluable and much appreciated.

Our greatest reward is hearing their feedback at the end of the workshop. Here is a sample of what they said about it:

“For me, it was really helpful, made me more confident and more comfortable about an interview”

“It was incredibly helpful, I now know how to behave, look like and say during the interview. Really opened up my perspective to how to be when being interviewed.”

“I really Enjoyed the workshop. It was invaluable for those who struggle with self-esteem issues in all areas of life. Lovely ladies! Good work!”

As I was reflecting on this workshop, I realised how vulnerable these young people are and really unaware of some essential knowledge that will increase their chances at achieving success.

We feel truly blessed to be able to make a difference in our youths at this specific time when unemployment is such a crucial subject.

Special thank you to Paris Petgrave from Kaleidoscope for this amazing opportunity and for her incredible contribution in tackling youth unemployment. She makes sure that unemployed young people are given the best tools to help them nail that interview and get back on the market.

We look forward to our next workshop and to making our work available to as many young people as possible.

Be a living inspiration and live in the present,

Genevieve Muwana for Unique Image London



Why Image is important?

“Image is the way other people see us it influences whether people will agree to our request hire us, or pay us the salary we want.” (excerpt from our Dress Your Way to Success workshop)

The better your image the better the chance of your promotion!

Within 30 seconds you have been judged, your business has been judged and your potential client will determine whether they trust you and whether they want to do business with you. 30 seconds is a very short time to make a positive impression but let me tell you that it can be achieved!!

Knowing how to look is the first part of the challenge. The other half is how to act so you stand out for the right reasons.

Managing your appearance is an important part of who you are it tells people about your personality and your lifestyle.

First and lasting impressions are made up of the following:

  • Physical appearance of you, your business, logo, staff uniform state of your office and your car.
  • Business etiquette which is awareness for appropriate behaviour and with any awareness it’s important to look inward at ourselves and who we are, our personal traits and our brand.

Your personal brand is so important and you should be portraying an authentic consistent  image in all business relationship.

Your future is in your own hands you have the power and the ability to get what you want.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Model your behaviour and image on a person who is successful in business and who you admire. Dress for success and for the job you want, not for the job you are in. These are just some of the topics we cover in our workshop.

Let me keep it real and give you a few tips; if you’re not sure what clothing suits you or if it’s appropriate for the position you want; invest in yourself, your education and future by booking an appointment with image and coach experts Sandra and Genevieve at Unique Image London who will give you a 2 hour free consultation and teach you what you need to known to get ahead.

“Styling people from the inside out”

Sandra Fearon for Unique Image London