Take God for Your Business Partner!

Another excerpt from my Emmet Fox reading this week. Enjoy!!images (1)

“Why not organize the business of living in a big way? Why creep along, as some people do, from one tiny steppingstone to another, instead of striding out boldly? Why be content with poor health, uninteresting work, or restricted conditions, when many other people have already risen above these things? There is a way out of limitation that never fails. It is simple. It calls for no formalities. It requires no money. It is obvious enough when you realize it, but it is strange how many people nevertheless overlook it.

It is this, take God for your partner. If you will really make God your business partner in every department of your life, you will be amazed at the quick and striking results that you will obtain. I have said that this partnership will cost no money, but I did not say it would not cost anything. As a matter of fact it will cost you a great deal, because the price will be your whole life—but it will be worth it.

Of course, if you want God to be your partner, He will have to be the Senior Partner, and you will have to include Him in every corner and every phase of your life. If you are prepared to do this, the result will not be in doubt. Most people would be thrilled to be able to go into partnership with some great industrial or financial magnate; they would feel that their future was assured. But here is a partnership with Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Power awaiting you. Take God for your partner.”

As for me, God is the only shareholder and He has 100% because I know what  is His is mine for the taking!!!!

Genevieve Muwana



Rise and Shine!!

Good morning, this is an excerpt from a book I am reading at the moment and I wanted to share this with you all. I hope you be inspired to brake free and rise and shine.Image

“To me the butterfly teaches the most wonderful and the most important lesson that we human beings ever have to learn. You all know his story. He is a beautiful butterfly now, but he was not always a butterfly. No, indeed. He began life, and he lived what seemed to him a very, very long time, as a worm—and not a very important kind of worm either—what we call the humble caterpillar. Now the life of a caterpillar is a sadly restricted one, in fact, it could be taken as the very type and symbol of restriction. He lives on a green leaf in the forest, and that is about all he knows. Then one day something happens. The little caterpillar finds certain strange stirrings going on within himself. The old green leaf, for some reason, no longer seems sufficient. He begins to feel dissatisfied. He becomes moody and discontented, but—and this is the vital point—it is a divine discontent. He does not just grumble and complain to the other caterpillars, saying “nature is all wrong.” “I hate this life.” “I can never be anything but a worm.” “I wish that I had never been born.” No, he is discontented, but it is a divine discontent. He feels the need for a bigger, finer, and more interesting life. His instinct tells him that where there is true desire there must be fulfillment  because “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And so the wonderful thing happens. Gradually the worm disappears, and the butterfly emerges, beautiful, graceful, now endowed with wings—and instead of crawling about on a restricted leaf, he soars right above the trees, right above the forest itself—free, unrestricted, free to go where he likes, and see the world, and bask in the sun, and, in fact, be his own True Self—the free and wonderful thing that God intended him to be.”

Genevieve Muwana


David Koma Fashion Show at Somerset House!!

A friend of mine texted me early Saturday morning inviting me to the David Koma fashion show. I was so excited I mean how could a girl resist such an invitation!! You know me AKA Sandra Clothe’s….lol.

The show was due start a 8 pm on the dot. When we arrived at 7.30 pm there was still queues and queues of people waiting to get in. Well our friend who invited us to the show made us bypass the massive queue…I was thinking oh my days the security is going to stop us in a minute, but they didn’t. Not sure what connections he had but we were taken straight inside, VIP treatment and we had second row seats can you believe it and we didn’t even have a tickets!!! I was thinking to myself gosh I”m highly favored!

While everyone was settling in their seats, I was checking out the room as you do and spotted a few celebs of course, and Donna Wallace accessories editor at Elle Magazine.

The show began 8 pm sharp the model strutting their stuff down the catwalk, the collection was made up of geometric cuts contrasting with vinyl-like discs. Koma’s latex collection brings the “youth quake” of the early 1960s to mind. Following in the footsteps of couturiers Andre Courreges and Pierre Cardin. It was Koma’s quest for revitalization that led him to inject his boxy A line silhouette with circular leather collars, zips that open to reveal cyclical flashes of skin and high space-age necklines in metallic leathers.

Koma’s color pallets of head to-toe black is injected with classic nude that flow into look at me red, space cadet teal mixed in with silver and finished with oil slick midnight blue. These are strong striking colors for a woman who isn’t afraid to mach her clothes to her powerful bold personality.
All in all it was an amazing show check out the the live catwalk show video. let’s hear your feedback.

Sandra Fearon
Styling people from the inside out!!!!

How to take control when you are outside your comfort zone.

Anyone that knows me from my past, knows that I was shy and lacked self confidence.
I didn’t like speaking in front of people, If any asked me to speak in front of people or gave me a mike I would run a mile.

I remember when I was at university I had to do a presentation in front of my fellow students and lecturer, I was really nervous about doing it. I let fear and anxiety get in the way, I kept thinking negative things all day and about all the things that could go wrong in the presentation.

Well it happened: just as I started to speak I felt beads of sweat running down my face, and felt all hot. The next thing I knew I was on the floor, I had fainted. “Yes the shame of it I passed out”. You are probably laughing, I would laugh too…lol

This one of my biggest secrets which I never told anyone and yes I’m telling you now!

Anyway thing are a lot different now, for the last 3 years God has been certainly building my confidence by reading the word (the Bible I know who I am).

Well this year January 2012 I conquered fear by saying my testimony (overcoming challenges at work when you get promoted and people in your team get jealous and try to set you up for failure) for the first time at Ruach ministries at miracles and healing service in front of about 1,000 people. I said a little prayer before I went up and asked God to take away fear and nerves and let my word come out right and to my amazement it went well. So many people came up to me after the service to say they were really inspired by my testimony and I still get people coming up to me know saying “your testimony was awesome” it help them with the challenges they faced at work too.

What God was showing me was he was talking me out of my comfort zone so I could learn how to take control and make the best out of the situation.

Since August this year, remember the first blog when I mentioned that Paris from Kaleidoscope (recruitment) had asked me to do a workshop for some of her candidates about 15 people?? That was outside my comfort zone!!! I decided to take up the challenge, which Genevieve and I have successfully done, and we will be doing our 3rd workshop on 28th November! whoop whoop!!!

Now I don’t have a problem speaking in front of people.

We also received an email today to do our 4th workshop this time for a major TV Channel (stay tuned!!!).They have invited us to do a workshop for their community journalists and interns we will cover the following points:

Interview dress code
Body language at interviews
Vision and purpose.

We are so excited and we have other contracts in the pipe line again out of our comfort zone but are up for the challenge, our gift is certainly making room for us!!

I just wanted to list a few points on how to take control!!

When you’re faced with something outside of your comfort zone which make you panic, worry and fear sets in, look in the mirror and start to speak to yourself and this is what you say!!!

“God did not give me the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind” 2 Timothy 1;7
Tell yourself you are capable of doing it remember, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Philippians 4;13
Tell fear stress and anxiety “I am more than a conquer”. Romans 8:37

Also take time to imagine the situation going really well, feel good about it get excited, “yes that’s right get excited before it even happens. That’s what we did. Know that everything will go well because God is in control.

Now get out there and own it!! seriously you have to tell yourself that you own it, decree and declare it and it shall be established.

You’re going to be amazing at it, these are the steps we took, all thing are possible to them that believe..
Start taking control of your thoughts….

Sandra Fearon.

Unique Image London
Styling people from the inside out

Inspiring the Youths with our first workshop!

It was about 8 months ago in 2011, When Paris from Kaleidoscope ( a recruitment agency) put me to the challenge and asked me if I could put together a workshop for some of her candidates aged between  18-24 years old.

It was something totally out of my comfort zone as I was only used to 1 to 1 consultations, but I was definitely up to the challenge. And as The bible states I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). And I can testify today that the vision came to pass.

I joined partnership with my business partner Genevieve at the beginning of 2012 she had just completed her diploma with a distinction in Style Coaching.

Well that day finally arrived on the 15th August 2012 we did our first workshop, this was not going to be any ordinary workshop. We incorporated the word of God through scriptures, lives were going to be transformed and seeds sown for the establishment of God’s Kingdom.

All 15 students arrived prompt on time for the workshop, we were so excited!!!

The workshop title was Dress your way for Success. Just as we were about to start there was some technical issues with the presentation on the overhead projector, all I could think of was Lord help us this is not happening!!!

Genevieve had to go back home to sort out another computer to work on the over head projector so I was left with all the students to start the workshop. I didn’t panic I just said Holy Spirit you take total control and started the workshop.

First I introduced our business and told the candidates our mission statement “styling people from the inside out”. I told them my testimony on the all the challenges I faced in the fashion industry but despite all the challenges I faced it didn’t stop my passion and my dream. That kind of broke the ice when they heard what I had been through, they started to feel comfortable.

I got each candidate to put their name badge and introduce them self, talk about what work or industry they wanted to work in and the challenges they were facing.

With all 15 candidates I was able to encourage them and the Holy Spirit helped me to be able make the negative challenges they were facing into positive ones and gave them alternatives on how to deal with the situation. I was so into the workshop that I didn’t even see all the 15 missed calls from Genevieve.  It’s funny how the programme had changed but all things worked together in our favour. (The candidates did not even notice any disruption to the programme.)

Then Genevieve arrived back by 10.30am and we got the overhead projector working with the presentation.

We covered the following point in the presentation:

  • Interview Dress Code
  • Body Language
  • The Importance of Language
  • Purpose and Vision

We did various roll plays and gave handouts on how to prepare a CV and coving letter, a SWOT analysis,  so the   candidates could fill this out and we could advise them on the different areas they were struggling with.

Once we had finished presenting the workshop we chose some candidates to do a role play for an interview from all the things they had been taught. We chose the best 2 candidates who were confident in the interview and they won Zara vouchers. The ones that were not successful in the interview we gave positive feedback in the areas they did well also constructive criticism on how they could improve going forward.

All in the entire workshop went really well, for saying it was our first ever workshop the candidates thought we had been doing it for years…lol.

The general feedback from the candidates was so overwhelming  they said we were an inspiration (through my past, I never thought I could be an inspiration to anyone but God has made it possible through my future) and they suggested the we do the workshop for 6th formers at schools and colleges as people would be able to relate to us just because of our testimonies. They said they normally get people who do presentations in their school who have not been through anything so students could not relate to them.

A few of the candidates have now requested personal one to one sessions with us and one candidate said he was going to get 5 of his friends to come to the next workshop.

I got to say when the candidates said that it brought tears to our eyes! Our first ever workshop went well. To God be the glory! The student were inspired!

We have got another workshop lined up for the 12th of October and we pray that the audience will be as receptive as our first lot of candidates.

Through God’s grace more workshops will follow! Woop woop!

Be a living inspiration and live in the present,

Sandra Fearon

Oh, by the way, we provide: Personal Styling, Personal shopping, Wardrobe Consultations, Colour Analysis, Personal Coaching (we will brake self sabotage cycles and limited beliefs so you can breakthrough), Corporate Workshops and so much more…

Feel free to contact Sandra on + 44 (0)7956996852 or @ / Genevieve on + 44 (0)757834284 or @

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